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A lot has been said about how semiconductors have become the backbone of modern society and the resulting silicon manufacturing arms race. Intel recently stepped up its game by announcing a significant strategic move to separate its foundry business and product businesses, such that Intel’s product business units will engage with the company’s manufacturing group in a similar fashion to fabless companies that engage with external foundries like TSMC. While the first external customer for Intel's leading-edge 18A process technology has yet to be named, it's hard not to speculate that Nvidia, a formidable competitor in the AI chip space, might consider leveraging Intel's foundry for manufacturing its chips. Intel splitting its business looks like a logical move to me if it truly plans to capture a meaningful share of the pure foundry market. Enjoy reading.
Moshe Sheier, VP Marketing, CEVA
CEVA SensPro
Blog: Millimeter-Wave Radar Expands the Operational Design Domain for Autonomous Vehicles
Zeev Kaplan, Product Director, Mobile Broadband BU, CEVA.
4D high-resolution millimeter-wave radar sensors in compact, affordable modules help expand the operational design suite for autonomous vehicles. They can provide data in poor-visibility conditions, offer greatly enhanced resolution over previous automotive radars, include elevation data, and include accurate velocity data for each data point.
Blog: How Head Tracking Can Elevate Your Spatial Audio Experience
Kaushik Sethunath, Audio Test Engineer, Audio & Sensing BU, CEVA. 
Our brains rely on subtle audio cues from head movement to accurately locate sound sources in the real world. Spatial audio technology, combined with head tracking, allows for immersive and realistic soundscapes by adjusting interaural time difference (ITD), interaural level difference (ILD), and head-related transfer function (HRTF) based on head motion, resolving front-back confusion and providing a sense of elevation.
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CEVA SensPro2 Sensor Hub DSP with Novatek’s evaluation board, of their latest smart camera SoC, the NT98530.
Along with Quad core CPU, ISP, and Deep learning accelerator, the NT 98 5 30 integrates CEVA’s latest Sensor Hub DSP, the SensPro2, for running low power on-device advanced computer vision algorithms as well as edge AI workloads. Watch the video demo >>

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July 4, 2023
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DigitimesAsia 13/06/2023
MosChip's strategic initiatives in India's rising semiconductor market: acquisitions, collaborations, and innovations 
"MosChip has established partnerships with various companies, including CEVA and Secure-IC, to leverage their unique expertise and enhance the value of our products and services," Kakumanu said. "These strategic collaborations not only contribute to the growth of MosChip but also enable our partners to expand their market presence worldwide, gaining increased traction in their respective domains." 
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SemiWiki 08/06/2023
Democratizing the Ultimate Audio Experience 
"In May of this year, CEVA acquired the VisiSonics spatial audio business. They have integrated this together with the CEVA MotionEngine software for dynamic head tracking, providing precisely the solution defined above. They also provide plugins for game developers who want to go all the way to delivering content fully optimized to 3D audio.." 
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