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Semiconductor IP Bulletin | September 24th, 2015


Eran Briman,
VP Marketing,
Dear Reader,

September is always a fun month - full of new beginnings and exciting product launches. Other than sending kids back to school (hurray!), the electronics industry conference lineup start with IFA in Berlin (the go-to Consumer Electronics conference if you’re trying to avoid the CES crowds), where the Samsung Gear S2 powered by CEVA was launched.

But the highlight was clearly Apple’s refresh of its product lineup under the theme “The only thing that changed is everything.” Sorry, but I don’t buy that. A more accurate statement would be: “Our entire product lineup has changed, a bit!” Clearly the most interesting developments were the 3D touch feature in the iPhone 6S, as well as AppleTV as an open platform for app developers.

And leading on from this, what could we expect from an iPhone 7? Keep reading the newsletter below to get our take on this, together with some other thought-provoking articles. Enjoy and happy beginnings!

Will iPhone 7 Finally Capture 3D Vision?
Yair Siegel, Director of Product Marketing, Imaging & Vision, CEVA
The trade media is abuzz with speculations that the iPhone 7 is going to incorporate 3D vision using dual rear-facing cameras and add depth-sensing capability for mapping out 3D environments and tracking body movements and facial expressions. The basis of these speculations is the multiple 3D technology acquisitions that Apple has made during the past couple of years Read More
BLE and ZigBee: If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them
Franz Dugand, Director of Sales & Marketing, Connectivity Business Unit, CEVA
The overall trend in home automation is to go smart, and one of the key leverages of BLE is that it can be controlled from a smartphone. ZigBee, on the other hand, is not present in smartphones. So will smartphone makers add ZigBee wireless connectivity to do the same thing? Read More.

DSPs Favor Always-on, Sensor Fusion in Android Phones
Moshe Sheier, Director of Strategic Marketing, CEVA
CPU centric schemes consume a lot of power because multiple sensors continuously monitor the user activity and surroundings. Sensor fusion running on a typical application processor consumes 100mA and more, depending on sensor vendor, and complexity of the fusion software Read More
Will our Deep Learning Machines Love Us or Loath Us?
Eran Briman, VP marketing, CEVA
Whose judgment will AI systems use as a basis for their evaluations? Yours, mine, or someone we don't know who may have poor judgment skills? For sure, there will be committees and safeguarding, but what about security and malicious hackers?
Read more

CEVA in the News
SemiWiki, Sep 5th 2015
Computer Vision in Mobile SoCs and the Making of Third Processor after CPU and GPU
Qualcomm's teaser of its upcoming Snapdragon 820 system-on-chip (SoC) was supposed to make up for the issues like overheating and bad press that haunted its predecessor Snapdragon 810 Read more
Electronic Engineering Journal August 27th, 2015
WiFi Three Ways from CEVA
WiFi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee are vying for primacy, and none of them is likely to disappear anytime soon (if ever). WiFi is the granddaddy, and arguably the most familiar Read more
Oct 2 2015
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